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Abraham Abecassis

bulletBorn: 19th century, Tangier
bulletDied: before 6/7/1902
bulletParents: Rev. Isaac Abecassis
bulletWife: Hannah Conquy Abecassis
bulletChildren: Júlia Abecassis

See more information about him and his brother Messod on the page "Portugal - Abecassis" branch.

The is a record of an Abraham Abecassis merchant, born in Gibraltar, passing by the Terceira island on Azores in 1842. He was single at that time.

He married in the S. Miguel island, Azores, in 2 Tamuz 5614 (28/06/1854), with his niece Hannah Conquy Abecassis so that she couldn't marry a Catholic man whom she fell in love with.

The marriage was celebrated by Rev. David Zagury and the witness was Abraham Buzaglo. The Ketubah belonged to the grandson of his brother Fortunato (Messod) Abecassis, called José Abudarham Abecassis, who got it from his uncle Salomăo Abecassis Seruya, who had got it directly from Hannah Conquy Abecassis. The translation of the Ketubah was made by Rev. M. Diesendruck in February 1945.

Júlia Abecassis was born in 1861, in Lisbon, and died single with no children.

Below is the ketubah of the Abraham marriage with Hannah (click to enhance):

S. Miguel island, Azores, Wednesday 2 Tamuz 5614 (28/06/1854) - paper, 54,5x38,5cm

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