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Fernando Manzanares Abecasis

bulletDate of birth: 
bulletParents: Fernando Monteverde Abecasis and Manuela Manzanares Abecasis

Fernando Manzanares Abecasis

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Fernando, Lóló and José Luís Manzanares Abecasis

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Fernando and José Luís Manzanares Abecasis

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With Cardinal Cerejeira, Santo Tirso.

Alberto, José Luís, Fernando, Quique and Lóló Manzanares Abecasis

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Manzanares, Krus and Gamboa

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Henrique Manzanares Abecasis, Teresa Krus Abecasis, Lóló Manzanares Abecasis, Pi Gamboa Abecasis, Fernando Manzanares Abecasis and Ana Maria Gamboa Abecasis, in Estoril (Portugal).

Krus, Gamboa, Sousa Monteiro and Manzanares

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1. Teresa Krus Abecasis
2. Maria de Lourdes Sousa Monteiro Abecasis
3. Pi Gamboa Abecasis
4. Maria Krus Abecasis
5. Fernando Manzanares Abecasis

Fernando, Lóló, Quique, Milagros and Alberto Manzanares Abecasis with their mother (Manuela Manzanares Abecasis)

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Ana Maria Gamboa marriage with Alberto Manzanares Abecasis

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1. Duarte Monteverde Abecasis
2. Fernando Manzanares Abecasis
3. Maria Amélia Krus Abecasis
4. Ana Maria Gamboa Abecasis
5. Alberto Manzanares Abecasis
6. Manuela Manzanares Abecasis
7. Teresa Krus Abecasis
8. Lóló Manzanares Abecasis
9. Fernando Monteverde Abecasis
10. Duarte Krus Abecasis
11. Luís José Chaves Abecasis
12. Anaïs Monteverde Abecasis
13. Henrique Manzanares Abecasis
14. Luísa Monteverde Abecasis


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