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Maria Amélia

António Abecasis

bulletDate of birth: 1877, S. Domingos mines
bulletParents: Joseph Abecasis and Rosália Ribeiro
bulletWife: Etelvina Barreto
bulletChildren: António, Ofélia, Etelvina, Maria Amélia and Pedro

António Abecasis

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Joseph Children

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José Abecasis, António Abecasis, Francisco Abecasis, Joăo Abecasis, Teresa Abecasis Vargas, Clara Abecasis Fernandes Vargas, Ana Abecasis Vargas and Maria Abecasis Pereira de Resende, in Guadiana river.

António Abecasis and Etelvina Barreto

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Etelvina Barreto Abecasis and children

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Etelvina Barreto Abecasis, with her children: António, Ofélia, Maria Amélia and Helena.


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