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Moisés Conquy Abecassis

bulletDate of birth: S. Miguel, Azores
bulletParents: Fortunato (Messod) Abecassis and Júlia Conquy Abecassis
bulletWife: Isabella (Bella) Brush
bulletChildren: Edgar Brush Abecassis, Esther Brush Abecassis, Júlia (Julitta) Abecassis, David Abecassis (outside the marriage)

English nationality. He died in London to where he had gone to live. He dedicated himself to the trading of maritime transportation.

He married Isabella (Bella) Brush, of american nationality, from the Brushes of Westchester, who had a younger brother called Eddie. From her mother side she descended from President van Buren. With her mother and brother she went to Milan during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, and then to London in 1873. Later, in Lisbon, she met Moisés Conquy Abecassis, to whom she got married.

Isabella Brush was very pretty and had several pretenders. She was engaged with Adolph H. of Montgomery, army official in the Franco-Prussian war, which died before get married. Among the letters received from her fiancée two were sent par balon monté, from France to Milan, and are part of the first air mail used at that time.

In Milan she met A. Bazzini, musician and composer, who was director of the Milan Conservatory. In Florence she refused the marriage proposal made by H. B. Lingingston, who was much older and a friend of her mother.

After marrying Moisés and Isabella lived in 16, Bramham Gardens, London.

Isabella (Bella) Brush, Milan, 1870.

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