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Rachel Esther Bensaude Abecassis

bulletDate of birth: 1880, Lisbon
bulletParents: Isaac Conquy Abecassis and Helena Nathan Bensaude
bulletHusband: Henry Scholtz

She married Henry Scholtz son of Carlos Ribeiro Scholtz.

"Abecassises Novos". The six brothers, from left to right: Max, Julietta, Sarah, Fred, Fortunato and Rachel.

Abecassis brothers, sisters and wives and husbands. Photographes in a Quinta in Lumiar from Fred Abecassis.

Standing up: Maria Luísa d'Almeida Brandão (married with Fred Abecassis); Fred Abecassis; Max Abecassis; Henry Scholtz (married with Rachel Abecassis); Merita Abudarham (married with Max Abecassis); Rachel Abecassis; Salomão Seruya (married with Sarah Abecassis).

Sitted: Fortunato Abecassis; Sophia Buzaglo (married with Fortunato Abecassis); Julietta Abecassis and Sarah Abecassis.

Julietta Catharina Bensaude Abecassis, her mother Helena Bensaude, her sister Sarah Abecassis, her aunt Emília Bensaude, her sister Rachel Abecassis, her father Isaac Abecassis and her husband Otto Leroi. Bernau, Germany, 1901.

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