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Henrique Isaac
Eduardo José
Helena Margarida

Fortunato Carlos Bensaude Abecassis

bulletDate of birth: 1875, Lisbon
bulletParents: Isaac Conquy Abecassis and Helena Nathan Bensaude
bulletWife: Sophia Amzalak Buzaglo
bulletChildren: Henrique Isaac, Eduardo José, Helena Margarida

He had English nationality. In 1906 he was nominated vocal of the Israeli Committee of Lisbon. Later he was treasurer of the Israeli Community of Lisbon, during many years until he died.

He continued the comercial firm founded by his father and later merged it with Buzaglos & C.ª becoming Abecassis (Irmãos), Buzaglos e C.ª. This new firm had also as a partner Carlos Buzaglo.

Besides the comercial firm it was during his generation that the Abecassis family started to dedicate to the industry in Portugal. First with the "Lusalite - Sociedade Portuguesa de Fibrocimento" and then with "Sociedade de Perfumarias Nally", conserves factories, etc. Fortunato Abecassis also had an active involvement in the foundation of the insurance company "A Mundial", where we was the first stock holder.

In his private life his artistic preferences were influenced by dr. Alfredo Bensaude, having gathered several works of art in his residences.

He married Sophia Amzalak Buzaglo. She had English nationality and was born in Lisbon in 1881. Her parents were Mair Isaac Buzaglo and Mary Benoliel Amzalak.

She was a member of the WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organization) and at 6/05/1929 she organised at home a session of pro-Palestine propaganda in which dr. Matilde Bensaude spoke. There were projected, in an improvised screen, some images of schools, kindergartens, stables, hospitals, colonies of "haluzim", etc.


Fortunato Carlos Bensaude Abecassis, painted by Meggesi S. A., Lisbon 1936. Sophia Amzalak Buzaglo, painted by Elias Frederico (Fred) Abecassis.

"Abecassises Novos". The six brothers, from left to right: Max, Julietta, Sarah, Fred, Fortunato and Rachel.

Abecassis brothers, sisters and wives and husbands. Photographes in a Quinta in Lumiar from Fred Abecassis.

Standing up: Maria Luísa d'Almeida Brandão (married with Fred Abecassis); Fred Abecassis; Max Abecassis; Henry Scholtz (married with Rachel Abecassis); Merita Abudarham (married with Max Abecassis); Rachel Abecassis; Salomão Seruya (married with Sarah Abecassis).

Sitted: Fortunato Abecassis; Sophia Buzaglo (married with Fortunato Abecassis); Julietta Abecassis and Sarah Abecassis.

Quinta da Saudade, Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 97, Lisbon. Residence of Fortunato Carlos Bensaude Abecassis.

Fortunato Carlos Bensaude Abecassis and his wife Sophia Amzalak Buzaglo in their automobile. Fortunato is sit next to the driver and his wife is by the window giving a coin the the young boy.

"Primos Abecassis, Azulay e Buzaglo de bicicleta". From left to right: Fortunato Abecassis, David Abecassis, Isaac Azulay, Salão Buzaglo and Fred Abecassis.

From left to right: Max Abecassis, Fred Abecassis, Fortunato Abecassis, Edgard Plantier and Carlos Buzaglo. Photographed in Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 97, Lisbon, in May of 1915, by João R. de Bianchi.

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