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Portugal - Abecassis


Fortunato (Messod) Abecassis

bulletBorn: 1799, Tangier
bulletDied: 24/06/1877, Lisbon (CIASJ)
bulletParents: Rev. Isaac Abecassis
bulletWife: Júlia Tedeschi Conquy
bulletChildren: Hannah, Sarah, Isaac, Moisés, Simy, Esther, Jacob

Most probably the same as Messod Abecassis from Tangier. He had a brother Abraham, who also came to Portugal, check his brothers page for more information.

Notable in the Tangier Community. The first Abecasis / Abecasis to come to Portugal after the inquisition era. He had British nationality.

He was born in Tangier and moved to Ponta Delgada, Azores. Later he moved with his son Isaac to Lisbon where he died in 1877.

There were only two Moroccan in Beja in 1822, owners of clothes stores, named Fortunato Bocaxis and Abraão Marroquino. One might assume that they were Fortunato Abecassis and Abraham Abecassis. Their sponsors for the police records as foreigners were: Francisco de Paula da Costa e Souza and Bernardino José de Paiva.

He traveled a lot between the Azores islands with several records of those trips. There is a record in 14/2/1827 in Terceira heading to England.

In 1836 he was one of the cofounders of Sahar Hassamaim (Heaven Door) Synagogue in Rua do Brum, Ponta Delgada.

He was registered as an israeli merchant in the lists Almanch de Portugal para 1856. There is an advertisement in a local newspaper Persuasão of 28/02/1866 saying: "F. Abecassis na Rua Direita de S. João, n.º22. Tem para vender tabaco" (has tobacco for sale).

He was a witness for the marriage of Abraham Nathan Bensaude and Emília Nathan Bensaude in 25 Sivan 5626 (1866) signing the Ketubah.

In 1869 he contributed with 10 740 reis to the Sahar Hassamaim Synagogue. He was a Talmid Haham. He was interested in astronomy, having study it in detail.

In the early 1870's he publish an advertisement selling sugar, Brazilian coffee, gin, vinagre, candles, soap, figs, cinnamon, spices, nuts, etc.

He married in Ponta Delgada in 3 Heshvan 5595 (1834) with Júlia Tedeschi Conquy. She was of British nationality, born in 1820 in Lisbon and died in 1888 in Lisbon. She was daughter of Isaac Conquy and Sarah Tedeschi.


Fortunato Abecassis (1799-1877) and Júlia Conquy (1820-1888), painted by Giorgio Marini in S. Miguel, Azores, 1868. Marriage contract between Fortunato Abecassis and Júlia Conquy, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Wednesday 3 Heshvan 5595 (1834) - parchment 49x36 cm.

Circa 1884, named "Abecassises Antigos". Photograph with Júlia Conquy, already widow of Fortunato Abecassis, with her children, children in law and two grand children, probably in 1884 year in which she would celebrate the gold aniversary of her marriage. At the center of the table there is a photograph, probably of her late husband.

Standing up from left to right: Rosa Azulay, married with Simão Cohen, representing her mother Simy Abecassis, who died in 1880 in S. Miguel and was married with her cousin Salvador (Joshua) Azulay; Jacob Abecassis; Helena Ben Saude, married with Isaac Abecassis; Hannah Abecassis, widow of her uncle Abraham Abecassis; Mark (Mojluf) Seruya, married with Esther Abecassis; Isabella (Bella) Brush, married with Moisés Abecassis; Salão Buzaglo, representing his mother Sarah (Sarina) Abecassis; Esther Abecassis, married with Mark Seruya.

Sited, from left to right: Moisés Abecassis, married with Isabella Brush; Júlia Conquy; Isaac Abecassis, married with Helena Ben Saude.

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